About AdultEdits.com

We Understand Your Business

We have been in the audio/video business since 1996. Located in Southern California, we have been servicing the local scene here for a long time. We expanded into adult content in 2001 and have been going strong ever since to become specialists in editing adult content. Our goal is to develop long term client relationships. We achieve that by simply doing honest business at a fair price.

Webmasters Have Special Needs

As an Adult Website or Program Owner, you need tasks completed efficiently and affordably by someone who understands your niche. That's very important. Conversions are dependent upon effectively teasing the potential customer into purchasing a membership, and that only comes from an effective tour with trailers that know all of the right buttons to push to appeal to your target audience, and to that end, a clear and concise understanding of your niche is the most important part. As a service to our valued clients, we simply won't edit a niche we don't understand. Sorry-but if we don't understand the niche, you shouldn't work with us anyway. Right?

Trust Is Essential

As a Website or Program Owner, you know that you usually don't have the time that you desire to maintain the level of quality control required in this highly competitive business with so many other matters that require your attention and a constant heavy workload. That's where trust is essential. You need to be confident and able to rest assured and trust that the tasks you are delegating are being handled with efficiency and accurately by experts who know your business and understand the unique needs and challenges that can accompany it. You need to have confidence that a task as critical as ensuring that your content will be update ready/launch ready on schedule is getting handled correctly, within budget, and on time. That's what we offer to you-trust that we are taking care of your needs, so you may focus your attention to where it needs to be-growing and managing your business.

We Speak Your Language

In today's busy Adult Internet Industry, there are a multitude of companies in the Philippines which Adult Website Program And Site Owners often turn to offering a solution to growing labor needs at a low price. While this might seem cost effective in the short term, ask yourself if it is truly advantageous in the long term. In this highly competitive market recently faced with the addition of economic challenges, can you afford for a surfers first impression of your site or content to be anything less than excellent?

While sending work overseas might initially offer a solution, far too often there is a communication gap which takes even more of your valuable time to overcome-sometimes resulting in blown deadlines due to work which has to be resubmitted and redone. Wouldn't you rather work with someone who not only speaks your language, but the unique language of the Adult Industry as well?

Marketing Is Crucial

You know that first impressions matter the most, and often the first impression of your site happens before they get there, through your promotional materials on the Web. We hand pick niche and site specific promo materials for blogs and galleries using the hottest possible, most niche-relevant samples of your content, to your specifications. We don't "cookie cutter" these out, either-we make the clips and trailers individually. We don't utilize a splitting software resulting in a bunch of crap clips with bad cuts. Trailers are cut to your specifications with marketing the niche in mind. When a surfer hits your tour, we ensure that the trailer demonstrates the quality of the content both in production quality and niche quality and is representative of the advantages that come from joining your site. You want to "tease" them into a purchase. You want to sell them on your sites ability to satisfy their craving. It's an impulse buy. And we're here to help you create the impulse.

Retention Is Everything

Customers sign up because you teased them with the best possible samples of what you have to offer, and they stay because they enjoy your content and updates. Consistent quality and a solid update schedule is what ensures that they will be staying...and paying. High quality cuts are the name of the game. We are careful to maximize your quality in every aspect so that members are satisfied that they have found the best possible source for the niche that interests them the most.

Growth Is Key

Growing your business means constantly striving to stay on top of new content delivery trends and methods such as Blackberry and iPhone content. New markets and new technologies allow you to reach new customers and put you in new demand. Getting one step ahead of and staying your competition is an imperative in any online endeavor. Moving into HD and FLV can help keep you modern and up to date.

Affiliates don't hurt.

Unless you have to deal with them! While there are affiliates who understand that being an affiliate means that they need to work hard in a partnership to send you sales, many are typically demanding and lazy. In addition, many are also picky and snobbish when it comes to their demands for content and free hosted galleries. And if you aren't willing to give them what they ask for, they won't hesitate hitting the boards and bitching about things. That's why it is important that you provide the best possible tools you can offer to them from the beginning. Do it right the first time and you only have to do it once. And once you do, the word will spread quickly that your site, or your program was the one that came through for them!

That's about it. Feel free to contact me directly if you have needs or questions or if you just need some solid video advice to get you out of a jam. I am here to help!

CEO / Editor In Chief